ITIL® 2011 Edition OSA: Introduction to Access Management

Employees from companies that provide or rely upon IT services; individuals looking to enhance their career prospects by pursuing the ITIL® Intermediate qualification Operational Support and Analysis certificate, a high-profile and highly regarded IT business certification.

ITIL Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management

Expected Duration
180 minutes

You probably wouldn’t leave the keys to your car, house, or office lying around for anyone to grab and use as they please. The same attention you give to protecting your physical valuables should be considered when protecting the confidentiality, availability, and integrity of your organization’s IT data and intellectual property. Proper Access Management is critical for providing access to users who require it, and keeping those who don’t out.
This course covers the purpose, scope, and value of Access Management to the organization. This course also details the steps in the process for managing access, including requesting access, verification, providing rights, monitoring, logging and tracking, and removing and restricting rights where necessary. Finally, the course covers the key performance indicators used to check the efficiency and effectiveness of an organization’s Access Management process, and critical success factors to ensure success.
This course will assist the learner in preparing for the ITIL® Operational Support and Analysis certificate and is aligned with the ITIL® Intermediate syllabus.


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Goals, Scope, Policies, and Value

  • recognize the purpose of Access Management
  • identify examples that are part of the scope of Access Management
  • distinguish between Access Management policies
  • identify the advantages of Access Management to an organization
  • examine the basic approach of Access Management

Access Management and the Service Life Cycle

  • recognize how the Access Management process works
  • identify the ways in which Access Management can be triggered
  • recognize how Access Management interfaces with other processes
  • recognize how user identity is established in Access Management
  • specify key considerations for establishing user groups in Access Management
  • use Access Management to provide user access to an organization
  • manage changes in user status

KPIs and Critical Success Factors

  • identify key metrics for measuring the effectiveness of Access Management
  • identify the critical success factors of Access Management
  • resolve issues with the Access Management process for a given scenario





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