ITIL® 2011 Edition OSA: Service Desk Metrics and Outsourcing

Employees from companies that provide or rely upon IT services; individuals looking to enhance their career prospects by pursuing the ITIL® Intermediate qualification Operational Support and Analysis certificate, a high-profile and highly regarded IT business certification.

ITIL Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management

Expected Duration
90 minutes

Service Desks are an integral part of any IT service-providing organization, and it’s vital to accurately and consistently measure how your Service Desk is performing to ensure it is addressing the needs of customers and users, and also to make changes where necessary. When a decision is made to outsource a Service Desk, there are also special considerations that must be planned to ensure that customers and users receive a consistent level of service.

This course covers the purpose and importance of using metrics to evaluate the performance of a Service Desk, including metrics like average turnaround times and resolution rates. This course also details the different types of user satisfaction surveys that can be used to assess customer and user perceptions of Service Desk operations.

Finally, the specific considerations that must be addressed when the choice is made to outsource the Service Desk, including common tools and processes, SLA targets, good communications, and ownership of data are covered.

This course will assist the learner in preparing for the ITIL® Operational Support and Analysis certificate and is aligned with the ITIL® Intermediate syllabus.


ITIL® is a registered trade mark of AXELOS Limited.


Service Desk Metrics

  • recognize the need for realistic Service Desk metrics
  • identify the detailed metrics required to evaluate Service Desk performance
  • recognize the considerations involved when planning user satisfaction surveys
  • identify different types of user satisfaction survey techniques and tools
  • analyze the importance of Service Desk metrics, for a given scenario
  • distinguish between ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ metrics
  • identify the most appropriate survey technique to use, for a given scenario

Service Desk Outsourcing Considerations

  • identify considerations involved in outsourcing the Service Desk
  • recognize the safeguards used to ensure outsourced Service Desk integration
  • propose an upgraded, outsourced Service Desk solution, for a given scenario





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