ITIL® 2011 Edition OSA: Technology and Implementation Considerations

Employees from companies that provide or rely upon IT services; individuals looking to enhance their career prospects by pursuing the ITIL® Intermediate qualification Operational Support and Analysis certificate, a high-profile and highly regarded IT business certification.

ITIL Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management

Expected Duration
150 minutes

Implementing processes and technologies in any organization requires significant planning, analysis and management. Implementing Service Management process capabilities is no different. The method of implementation must be planned, requirements must be identified, and technologies must be carefully evaluated before proceeding with the implementation. Expected challenges and potential risks must also be identified and mitigated wherever possible.

This course covers the technology considerations when implementing Service Management process capabilities, including the generic tool requirements and how to properly evaluate tools for consideration.

This course also covers implementation considerations, including best practices in Project, Risk and Staff Management, as well as challenges, risks, and critical success factors to address during implementation.

This course will assist the learner in preparing for the ITIL® Operational Support and Analysis certificate and is aligned with the ITIL® Intermediate syllabus.


ITIL® is a registered trade mark of AXELOS Limited.


Technology Considerations

  • recognize the need for an integrated set of Service Management technology for Service Management
  • match the generic requirements of an integrated set of Service Management technology for Service Operation, with their descriptions
  • identify the general consideration when evaluating Service Management tools
  • recognize the stages of the MoSCoW analysis
  • identify specific considerations when evaluating Service Management tools
  • analyze the ITSM tool needs of an organization, for a given scenario

Implementation Considerations

  • classify considerations when implementing Service Operation
  • identify the factors affecting the implementation of Service Management technologies
  • recognize the challenges within Service Operation when implementing ITSM
  • match the critical success factors that mitigate the challenges when implementing ITSM to their descriptions
  • identify the risks faced if the challenges within Service Operation are not met
  • analyze Service Operation implementation, for a given scenario
  • analyze the critical success factors to meet the challenges and risks involved in implementing Service Operation, for a given scenario





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