J2EE Architecture

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To provide an overview of enterprise application design and development using the J2EE platform and its enabling technologies

Target Audience

Java developers who want to familiarize themselves with the J2EE specification and platform; business analysts, system architects, technical managers, and technology evaluators who are interested in gaining an overview of J2EE enterprise application architecture


A good working knowledge of the Java language, specifically the Java 2 Standard Edition development kit APIs; familiarity with object-oriented analysis and design techniques would be an advantage

Expected Duration

260 min.

Course Objectives

J2EE Architecture

  • describe how the Java language has evolved and you should be able to describe the J2EE framework.
  • describe how Sun Microsystems provides industry recognized, foundation and enterprise level Java certification for developers.
  • give an overview of enterprise applications and how the J2EE platform facilitates them.
  • describe each element of the J2EE.
  • identify the components and containers in the J2EE application model.
  • describe the core J2EE component technologies.
  • describe the underlying services provided by the J2EE platform to support core J2EE components.
  • provide an overview of changes to and new features in the J2EE 1.3 specification.
  • describe how to use design patterns to facilitate the design of J2EE applications.
  • describe the issues involved in designing distributed systems.
  • make architectural design descisions for a J2EE enterprise application