J2SE 5.0 Language Features

This course is included in our On-demand training solution.


To introduce experienced developers to the language-specific improvements and changes in Java 5.0, the purpose of which is to make Java more developer-friendly and facilitate the writing of bug-free code

Target Audience

Existing developers who wish to gain a quick handle on the new features and enhancements that are introduced in Java 5.0(codenamed “Tiger”)


Proficency in a previous version of the Java language – preferably Java 1.4; failing this, a strong understanding of OO programming techniques and development experience in an OO language

Expected Duration

185 min.

Course Objectives

J2SE 5.0 Language Features

  • associate the new features provided by J2SE 5.0 with their corresponding functionality, and identify how these features have changed the Java Collections Framework and API.
  • identify the code required to perform automatic conversions between primitive and wrapper types, and implement a variable-length argument list in J2SE 5.0.
  • perform iteration using the new for loop, and import static contstants and methods into a source file.
  • specify the code required to create, iterate over, and switch on type safe enums in J2SE 5.0.
  • implement a class that uses the new language-based constructs in J2SE 5.0.
  • identify the advantages and disadvantages of using generics in code, and outline how generics are used to make raw code type safe.
  • specify the generic, type safe version of a given piece of legacy code.
  • specify the code involved in building a generic class for a given scenario.
  • specify the code involved in declaring a generic subclass, testing generic object types, and casting a generic object.
  • convert an application’s legacy code into a generic, type safe equivalent, and create a generic class.