Java Programming with Java SE 6.0: Exception Handling and Assertions

Programmers with an understanding of procedural programming concepts who want to learn Java and object-oriented programming; programmers proficient in another object-oriented programming language who want to move to Java; programmers experienced in the Java language who want to make the upgrade to Java SE 6.

Knowledge of programming principles and experience in procedural programming or scripting languages, such as Visual Basic, C, or JavaScript; understanding of object-oriented languages, such as C++ or C#, is an advantage.

Expected Duration
130 minutes

To enable the learner to handle exceptions and use assertions in Java


Java Programming with Java SE 6.0: Exception Handling and Assertions

  • specify the code required to use try, catch, and finally blocks to handle exceptions in Java for a given scenario.
  • specify the appropriate method of the Throwable class to use in a given piece of code, and associate runtime and checked exceptions with the events that throw them.
  • handle exceptions in calling methods, create and throw exceptions explicitly, and use exception chaining to set the cause of a thrown exception.
  • create an exception subclass for a given code sample, and implement exception handlers on a thread basis.
  • create, throw, catch, and handle exceptions for a given scenario.
  • identify the code used to create a Java assertion statement for a given scenario, and specify the commands and flags used to create and compile assertions.
  • create, enable, and compile assertions in Java.




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