Java Programming with Java SE 6.0: Operators and Flow Control in Java

Programmers with an understanding of procedural programming concepts who want to learn Java and object-oriented programming; programmers proficient in another object-oriented programming language who want to move to Java; programmers experienced in the Java language who want to make the upgrade to Java SE 6.

Knowledge of programming principles and experience in procedural programming or scripting languages, such as Visual Basic, C, or JavaScript; understanding of object-oriented languages, such as C++ or C#, is an advantage.

Expected Duration
135 minutes

To enable the learner to identify and work with Java operators, expressions, selection statements, and loop constructs


Java Programming with Java SE 6.0: Operators and Flow Control in Java

  • use Java’s operators to build expressions and determine the value of an expression variable for a given code sample.
  • use assignment operators to build and evaluate an expression, and evaluate a compound expression using operator precedence.
  • identify valid primitive type conversions and casting operations from a given list of examples.
  • use Java operators to create expressions and compare integers in a specific application.
  • write if and switch statements for a given scenario.
  • specify the code to use Java’s while and do-while loop constructs to perform iteration, and identify the functions of the break and continue keywords.
  • specify the code to use Java’s standard and enhanced for loop constructs to perform iteration over arrays and multi-dimensional arrays.
  • create selection statements and loop constructs for a given scenario.




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