Java Web Developer: Essential Java with Servlets/JPSs, JSTL, XML, Web Services & More (TT5180)

This introductory Java course is designed for experienced object-oriented developers (such as C++ or C#) who want to further develop their skills in web development, learn the basic architecture of a JEE web application, and implement a web application

Please contact us for information about prerequisites.

Expected Duration
5 day


In this course, you will learn essential Java programming skills in preparation for building server-side applications on the JEE platform. You will learn what JEE is, what it means in terms of today’s systems and architectures, and how to apply JEE technologies and practices in implementing and deploying robust, flexible web applications. This course is available for Java 6 or Java 7.

You will also receive our Essential Java & JEE Development Case Study that covers the entire spectrum from use cases to object-oriented design to implemented classes. This case study supplements the course and can be used during or after the course as a reference and a tool for reviewing and practicing what was learned in class.


1. Java: A First Look

  • Using the JDK
  • Writing a Simple Class
  • The Java Platform

2. Getting Started with Java

  • Adding Methods to the Class
  • Language Statements
  • Using Strings
  • Specializing in a Subclass

3. Essential Java Programming

  • Fields and Variables
  • Using Arrays
  • Static Methods and Fields
  • Java Packages and Visibility

4. Advanced Java Programming

  • Inheritance and Polymorphism
  • Interfaces and Abstract Classes
  • Exceptions

5. Java Developer’s Toolbox

  • Collections
  • Generics

6. JEE Application Architecture

  • Technical Overview of JEE

7. Web Applications

  • Understanding Web Applications
  • Configuring Web Applications

8. Developing Servlets

  • Introduction to Servlets
  • Debugging JEE Applications
  • Processing Input Data
  • Server-Side Control
  • Session Management

9. Developing JavaServer Pages

  • Introduction to JavaServer Pages
  • JSP Implicit Objects

10. Database Integration: JDBC and JEE

  • JDBC and Its Position in JEE
  • JDBC Data Access API
  • The DAO Pattern

11. Advanced Topics

  • Introduction to Hibernate
  • Introduction to XML
  • Web Services Overview



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