Java web service clients

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To outline how to create web service clients using Java technologies

Target Audience

This learning path is primarily aimed at Java developers who want to achieve an understanding of web services technologies and how web services are developed for the Java 2 Enterprise Edition platform. This learning path would also be of interest to business analysts, system architects, technical managers, and technology evaluators who are interested in gaining an overview of Java web services technologies


A good working knowledge of the Java language; familiarity with XML, distributed component development concepts, and web development concepts would also be of use

Expected Duration

100 min.

Course Objectives

Java web service clients

  • create JAX-RPC clients that use static and dynamic web service interfaces.
  • create a client that accesses a simple web service dynamically using JAX-RPC.
  • create synchronous JAXM web service clients.
  • create a simple synchronous JAXM client.
  • create asynchronous JAXM web service clients and identify how to add attachments to SOAP messages.