JavaScript Essentials: Date and Math Functions

Developers looking to skill up in JavaScript and anyone with an interest in writing JavaScript code


Expected Duration
98 minutes

JavaScript has a comprehensive library of functions and objects for working with dates and times, and for mathematical manipulations. This course covers the date and time objects and methods, and how to use them, arithmetic and logic operators, and the methods and properties of the Math object.


Working with Date and Time

  • start the course
  • subtract dates and times in JavaScript
  • compare dates to one another in JavaScript
  • calculate elapsed time in JavaScript
  • use the getDay method and an array in JavaScript to figure out the days of the week
  • use the date object in JavaScript

Arithmetic and Logic Operators

  • work with bitwise logical operators to perform operations on binary numbers
  • use JavaScript to perform bit shifting operations
  • describe Increment and Decrement prefix and postfix operators
  • check equality and use the triple equal operator in JavaScript

Math Object Properties

  • use Euler’s number and the logarithm math object properties
  • use the log2 and the log10 math object properties
  • use the PI math object property
  • use the Square Root Half and Square Root 2 math object properties

Math Object Methods

  • use the cosine, sine, and tangent math object methods
  • use the Arccosine, Arcsine, Arctangent, and Arctangent2 math object methods
  • use the absolute math object method
  • use the floor and ceiling math object methods
  • use the power and square root math object methods
  • use the exponent and log math object methods
  • use the min and max math object methods
  • use the round math object method
  • generate a random number between a range of values by using JavaScript





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