JavaScript Essentials: Dynamic JavaScript Code

Developers looking to skill up in JavaScript and anyone with an interest in writing JavaScript code


Expected Duration
114 minutes

JavaScript enables dynamic web experiences through interaction with the browser and client OS. This course covers how to add drag and drop functionality with JavaScript, dynamically changing JavaScript code at execution time, working with browsers and pop-ups, and debugging JavaScript code.


Drag and Drop

  • start the course
  • use JavaScript and the drag and drop API to include draggable objects in the web page
  • drag and drop an image into an HTML element
  • drag and drop text into an HTML element

Dynamic JavaScript Code

  • use the str.replace method to change text quickly
  • create a simple animation by using JavaScript timers
  • execute JavaScript commands contained in a string
  • add a hyperlink to a web page in JavaScript
  • generate an anchor link by using JavaScript
  • add properties to objects using prototype
  • obtain a variable’s type by using JavaScript

Browser and Pop-Ups

  • detect a user’s screen and browser window sizes
  • create button pop-ups
  • create hyperlink pop-ups
  • create a DIV pop-up and dim the browser background
  • dynamically add a form field to a page

Language Features and Debugging

  • read and assign class names to the objects by using JavaScript
  • list the processing order of math operators in JavaScript
  • use JavaScript to nest functions
  • filter file types in a file selector by using JavaScript
  • use JavaScript in the Geolocation API to display a user’s location on a map
  • debug JavaScript

JavaScript Object Notation

  • create JSON data by using the stringify method
  • read and display JSON data using JavaScript





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