JavaScript Essentials: Working with Page Elements

Developers looking to skill up in JavaScript and anyone with an interest in writing JavaScript code


Expected Duration
100 minutes

One of the strengths of JavaScript is its ability to manipulate HTML elements on a web page. This course covers backgrounds and buttons, working with DIV containers in HTML documents, generating and finding various HTML elements on a page, and manipulation of pages programmatically.


Backgrounds and Buttons

  • start the course
  • find HTML elements by ID
  • change a page background in JavaScript
  • use buttons for navigation to a URL in JavaScript
  • change the value of the button on the fly by using JavaScript
  • change the properties of a button by using JavaScript

Working with DIV Containers

  • remove a div container by using the removeChild method in JavaScript
  • add a div container using the appendChild method
  • use JavaScript to add content to an HTML DIV
  • add an image file to a div container by using JavaScript
  • remove an image file from a div container using JavaScript

HTML Elements

  • add list elements to a web page using JavaScript
  • remove list elements from a web page
  • use JavaScript to get HTML text from a page element
  • find and change HTML elements by className using JavaScript
  • find and change HTML elements using the getElementsByTagName method
  • find, add, or change HTML form elements using the JavaScript Forms method
  • add HTML elements to a web page using the document.createElement method

Page Manipulation

  • select files and create image thumbnails using JavaScript
  • capture data from a form field in real time using JavaScript
  • create an automatic redirect by using JavaScript
  • create a countdown timer by using JavaScript





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