JavaScript SPA: Connecting to and Managing Data

Web developers seeking an introductory guide to developing lightweight, high performance JavaScript single page applications in Visual Studio 2013


Expected Duration
126 minutes

A JavaScript single page application, or SPA, uses a combination of JavaScript libraries and web development frameworks to communicate with the server, consume and manage data, and display application views on screen. A SPA serves up a single HTML page in which all of the application views are rendered on the client, and data that is retrieved from the server can be cached and efficiently managed on the client. In this course, you will learn how to connect to a data source, then retrieve and manage rich data using the Breeze JavaScript library in a JavaScript SPA in Visual Studio 2013.


Connecting to Data in JavaScript SPA

  • start the course
  • connect to and view a SQL Server Compact 4.0 database in Visual Studio 2013
  • use the SQL Server Compact Toolbox to generate and add an EDMX file for a connected SQL Server Compact database to a JavaScript SPA in Visual Studio 2013

Managing Data with Breeze

  • add and use the Breeze WebApi 2.0, the Breeze JS Client, and the Breeze Server packages to a Durandal SPA project in Visual Studio 2013
  • make use of Breeze client data caching features
  • set up a JavaScript SPA server to facilitate sharing data amongst client views using a Breeze Web API controller
  • share data amongst client views using a Breeze Web API controller on a JavaScript SPA client
  • construct Breeze queries using the EntityQuery class
  • obtain an object graph from model data using Breeze
  • navigate an object graph obtained from model data using Breeze
  • prime a Durandal SPA with model data before the application shell loads the initial view upon start-up
  • retrieve and use metadata from the server to create Breeze entities on the client
  • create and use Breeze metadata on the client

Practice: Connecting to and Managing Data

  • to get web developers quickly started in developing their first JavaScript SPA using various frameworks in Visual Studio 2013





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