JSON Essentials

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JSON is a data format used mainly on the Web to transmit information between client and server applications. This course covers the JSON format in detail and demonstrates examples of real-world APIs from around the Web that use JSON as their medium for communication.

Target Audience

Web developers interested in creating modern Web applications and Web APIs (Application Programming Interfaces)



Expected Duration

150 min.

Course Objectives

Course Introduction

Motivation for Using JSON

  • describe the pros and cons of using JSON
  • JSON and JavaScript

  • compare and contrast JSON and JavaScript
  • JSON Data Types

  • create a JSON object with all of its supported data types
  • Validate JSON

  • validate a JSON object
  • Debugging JSON

  • debug common JSON formatting errors
  • JSON with Eval

  • understand why it is unsafe to use the eval function with JSON
  • Arrays in JSON

  • create JSON objects with arrays and arrays-of-arrays
  • AJAX with JSON

  • use JSON to make AJAX requests
  • Introduction to JSONP

  • embed a JSONP JavaScript file in a web page
  • JSON Schema

  • use JSON Schema to validate data
  • jQuery getJSON

  • use the jQuery.getJSON function to retrieve JSON and JSONP data from a server
  • Tabular Data in JSON

  • use JSON to represent tabular data
  • Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) with JSON

  • implement CORS in node.js service and make a request from the browser
  • Embedding HTML in JSON

  • create a JSON object that embeds escaped HTML text
  • Postgresql JSON Data Type

  • create and query JSON data in a Postgresql database using the JSON data type
  • Yahoo YQL API: Finance Quote

  • use JSON to get a stock quote using YQL and JSONP
  • Yahoo YQL API: Geo Data and Weather

  • use JSON to get the weather forecast using YQL and JSONP
  • Flickr API

  • use JSONP to search for public photos on Flickr
  • Wikipedia API

  • use JSON to communicate with the Wikipedia API
  • Internet Archive JSON Output

  • output the contents of an Internet Archive resource as JSON
  • Microsoft Translator API

  • perform a JSON query to translate and use the Microsoft Translator API
  • National Broadband Map Demographics API

  • use JSON to query broadband demographics by latitude and longitude
  • Bing Search API

  • use JSON to perform a search using the Bing API
  • Bing Maps API

  • use JSON to query the Bing Maps API
  • Exercise: Using JSON to Query the Bing Synonyms API





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