JsRender Fundamentals

Web Developers who want to use the JsRender templating framework


Expected Duration
116 minutes

JsRender is a JavaScript templating framework for rendering HTML dynamically. In this course, you’ll explore how to get started with JsRender, how to work with If Else and For tags, how to compile templates, and how to use paths for rendering data.


Getting Started with JsRender

  • start the course
  • explore the JsRender environment
  • understand the relationship between JsRender, JSON data and HTML design

Adding Data

  • set up JsRender
  • insert data with JsRender

The If Else tag

  • work with the JsRender If Else tag
  • use the If Else tag of JsRender with templates and #index
  • use the If Else tag of JsRender and Click event with jQuery
  • use the If Else tag of JsRender and Click event without jQuery

The For Tag

  • understand how to access data with the For tag of JsRender
  • work with arrays using the For tag of JsRender
  • access data with the For tag of JsRender
  • loop through multiple objects with JsRender

Compiling and Toggling Templates

  • compile JsRender templates
  • compile JsRender templates from a string
  • compile multiple JsRender templates
  • compile named JsRender templates
  • toggle JsRender templates

JsRender Paths

  • work with JsRender data paths

Practice: Using JsRender to Display JSON Data

  • display JSON data within JsRender templates and make use of the if and for statements





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