Junior Level LPIC-1 Exam 101: File Management and Redirects

Administrators who are rolling out and supporting Linux in the enterprise; individuals seeking internationally recognized, distribution-neutral Linux certification

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Expected Duration
90 minutes

Linux provides comprehensive file management capabilities from the command line. The use of streams, piping, and redirection greatly add to the power and flexibility of the command line. This course covers file management tasks such as copying, moving, finding, and archiving files. It also covers command line piping, redirecting, and streams. This course is part of a series that prepares the learner for CompTIA Linux+ exam LX0-101 and Linux Professional Institute (LPI) LPIC-1 Junior Level Administrator exam 101.


Performing File Management in Linux

  • recognize common directory-specific and file commands
  • recognize how to use information display commands
  • use wildcard characters to search for a file
  • use the find command to locate files based on size, type, or time
  • archive files using Linux utilities
  • manage files in Linux
  • Command Manipulation in Linux

  • issue a command recursively
  • use redirection symbols to redirect standard input, output, or errors
  • use the xargs command and piping to redirect arguments to another command
  • use the tee command to redirect output while displaying it
  • manipulate commands in Linux




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