Juniper Networks Junos Essentials: Monitoring and Maintenance

Beginner and intermediate level networking professionals


Expected Duration
115 minutes

The key to a smooth-running network is good monitoring and maintenance tools and processes, and Junos OS comes with lots of functionality in that area. This course covers basic command line tools for getting the status of devices and networks, and troubleshooting specific problems. It also covers maintenance tasks at system startup and shutdown, and managing Junos OS versions. This course is one of a series of Skillsoft courses that cover the objectives for Juniper Networks exam JN0-102. This exam completes the requirement for the certification Juniper Networks Certified Associate – Junos (JNCIA-Junos).


Show Commands

  • start the course
  • use the show configuration command in Junos OS
  • use the show groups command in Junos OS
  • use the show interfaces command in Junos OS
  • use the show route command, and other show commands, to view routing configuration in Junos OS
  • use the show Ethernet-switching command, and other show commands, to view switching configuration in Junos OS
  • use the version and version detail commands in Junos OS
  • Monitor Commands

  • display log and trace files in Junos OS
  • display real-time interface information in Junos OS
  • display packet headers in Junos OS
  • display interface statistics and errors in Junos OS
  • perform real-time performance monitoring in Junos OS
  • Network Tools

  • use ping to assess connectivity in Junos OS
  • use traceroute to check routes in Junos OS
  • use telnet to connect remotely in Junos OS
  • use SSH to establish a secure shell connection in Junos OS
  • Junos OS Install and Upgrade

  • list Junos OS versions and describe the version numbering scheme
  • install Junos OS
  • perform software upgrades in Junos OS
  • Device Maintenance

  • start up Junos OS devices
  • shut down Junos OS devices
  • recover lost root passwords in Junos OS
  • Practice: Troubleshooting

  • troubleshoot a connectivity issue using available tools in Junos OS




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