Launching Successful On-site and Virtual Teams: Replaced

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This content is replaced by the course “Launching Successful Virtual and On-site Teams” , Course ID: team_01_a01_bs_enus. One factor that defines team success is the way in which a team is launched. Quickly moving an on-site or a virtual team into high-performance mode takes planning, strategizing, and a seamless launch. In this course, you’ll learn techniques for setting up a successful team that can be applied to an on-site or a virtual environment. First, you’ll learn strategies for selecting high-performing team members. Next, you will gain the knowledge and skills for setting goals and establishing ground rules. Finally, you will learn approaches for building a cohesive team culture through participation. By applying the techniques and strategies taught in this course, you will lay the foundation for successful on-site and virtual teams.

Target Audience

Managers, team leaders, supervisors, directors, and group leaders



Expected Duration

330 min.

Course Objectives

Selecting High Performers

  • recognize the benefits of choosing high performers for an on-site or a virtual team.
  • match steps for selecting on-site team members with examples of those steps.
  • select the best candidate for an on-site team in a given situation.
  • match steps for selecting virtual team members with examples of those steps.
  • select the best candidate for a virtual team in a given situation.
  • Setting Up an On-site or a Virtual Team

  • recognize the benefits derived from setting up a successful team.
  • sequence steps for establishing team goals.
  • apply the steps for establishing team goals in a given situation.
  • identify correctly written team guidelines.
  • analyze team guidelines written for a specific scenario and recommend ways to improve them.
  • match the steps for assigning team roles to the corresponding examples.
  • assign team roles in a given scenario.
  • match the appropriate virtual team technology with the virtual team task.
  • Building a Cohesive On-site or Virtual Team Culture

  • recognize the benefits of building a cohesive team culture.
  • match strategies that encourage team participation and collaboration with examples of those strategies.
  • apply strategies for encouraging participation and collaboration on virtual and on-site teams in given situations.
  • match strategies for building a cohesive virtual team culture with examples of those strategies.




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