Leading a Cross-functional Team

All levels of employees that lead and manage teams; anyone wishing to develop and refine their leadership skills in a team environment.


Expected Duration
31 minutes

Many organizations have discovered the advantages of using cross-functional teams to accomplish their goals. While the diversity inherent to these teams can present certain challenges, successfully managing cross-functional teams is worth the reward. In this course, you’ll learn about the benefits of cross-functional teams. You’ll also learn about the various development stages of cross-functional teams and the risks at each stage. Finally, you’ll learn about the key abilities a cross-functional leader should have and best practices for cross-functional team success.


Cross-functional Team Leadership Strategies

  • recall advantages of a cross-functional team
  • sequence examples of stages in the life of a cross-functional team
  • match examples of problems at the creation and formation and launch stages of cross-functional team development with the corresponding stages
  • identify problems encountered at the development and initial success stages of cross-functional team development
  • recognize examples of issues that occur at the cynicism and zone stages of cross-functional team development
  • identify characteristics of a successful cross-functional team leader
  • recognize examples of how to manage cross-functional teams successfully
  • recognize issues that arise in cross-functional teams and strategies for successful team management




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