Leading Teams: Building Trust and Commitment

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Highly successful teams have members who exhibit certain key characteristics, including an honest and fair approach, personal integrity, and a positive attitude. But two personal qualities are particularly crucial for a member of a high-performance team: a healthy level of trust in others and a sense of commitment to the team. In the early stages of team development, leaders must set up structures and processes that support the development of these team characteristics.
This course offers strategies used to build trust based on encouraging honest, accountable, fair, and positive behavior. The course also provides leaders with strategies that help increase team member commitment, such as being supportive, making members feel secure, providing interesting work, and acknowledging contributions and achievements. By using these strategies, team leaders can develop a cohesive team that works together to reach its goals. Materials designed to support blended learning activities aligned with this course are available from the Resources Page.

Target Audience

All levels of employees that lead and manage teams and anyone wishing to develop and refine their leadership skills in a team environment


Expected Duration

60 min.

Course Objectives

Course Overview

Modeling Trustworthiness

  • recognize examples of the principles for building trust among team members
  • Restoring Trust on a Team

  • recognize examples of discussion items to cover during a team meeting called to deal with a trust issue
  • identify the recommended contents of a guideline for maintaining trust on a team
  • Building Commitment on a Team

  • use strategies for gaining commitment from team members in a given scenario
  • match strategies for gaining commitment from team members with examples




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