Leading Teams: Developing the Team and its Culture

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Henry Ford once said that coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success. Mr. Ford knew the importance of teamwork. Ask anyone who has worked in a project or team environment, and he will tell you that team dynamics make a huge difference in terms of getting work done and in the whole working environment. A positive, constructive atmosphere can keep team members motivated and productive, while a negative atmosphere can have the opposite effect. Developing effective project teams is one of the primary responsibilities of a team leader.
This course outlines the role of the team leader on a high-performance team and highlights the importance of taking steps to develop the team culture early on during team formation. It offers methods used to encourage team participation and provides some key strategies used to build a cohesive team culture by encouraging social interactions, establishing team member competencies, and promoting interdependence. Materials designed to support blended learning activities aligned with this course are available from the Resources Page.

Target Audience

All levels of employees that lead and manage teams and anyone wishing to develop and refine their leadership skills in a team environment


Expected Duration

60 min.

Course Objectives

Course Overview

Developing Team Competencies

  • sequence examples of the steps used to perform a training gap analysis for a given scenario
  • Team-building Activities

  • match indicators of poor team dynamics with team-building activities that could be used to correct them
  • Increasing Team Participation

  • apply strategies for increasing team participation in a given situation
  • match strategies that encourage team participation with examples
  • Using Reward and Recognition to Develop Your Team

  • recognize the effective use of rewards and recognition




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