Library and Class Changes in J2SE 5.0

This course is included in our On-demand training solution.


To examine the J2SE 5.0 changes to both the integration and core libraries, and to introduce the new AWT and Swing features

Target Audience

Existing developers who wish to gain a quick handle on the new features and enhancements that are introduced in Java 5.0(codenamed “Tiger”)


Proficency in a previous version of the Java language – preferably Java 1.4; failing this, a strong understanding of OO programming techniques and development experience in an OO language

Expected Duration

220 min.

Course Objectives

Library and Class Changes in J2SE 5.0

  • associate the new routines of the System, Math, and wrapper classes with their corresponding functionality.
  • use the new printf method to format print output and use the methods of the StringBuilder class to create mutable strings.
  • use a Scanner object to retrieve input from a specific source.
  • use the new methods of the Arrays class to inspect an array and use the Collections class to modify and view a collection.
  • use the new methods of the java.util and java.lang packages to write an application for a given scenario.
  • identify the new networking and security features available in J2SE 5.0.
  • identify the enhancements to RMI, JDBC, CORBA, and JNDI in J2SE 5.0.
  • use the Queue interface to create and modify a queue.
  • specify the code involved to implement exception handlers on a thread basis, retrieve thread values, and schedule threading tasks.
  • implement queues and threads in J2SE 5.0 for a given scenario.
  • use the Formatter class to format ouput.
  • use the new J2SE 5.0 AWT and Swing features to print a JTable and customize a user interface.
  • format output and implement a specific look and feel for a user interface.