Linux File Sharing and Filesystem Management

Students wishing to acquire the intermediate skills required as a Linux system administrator

A knowledge of basic Linux system administration

Expected Duration
150 minutes

As a Linux System Administrator, managing, protecting, and proving access to the files and data of your users is paramount. This course covers the creation, maintenance and configuration of filesystems in Linux as well as configuring file sharing via Samba and NFS. In addition, this course also covers configuring DHCP service. This course is for people taking Advanced Level Linux Professional (LPIC-2) Exam 201.


Managing the Linux filesystem

  • identify the commands and utilities used to create and configure the Linux filesystem
  • use system utilities to maintain a Linux filesystem
  • configure filesystem automounting and create a filesystem for CD-ROMs
  • create and configure a Linux filesystem

File and service sharing

  • configure a Samba server and access it from Linux
  • configure the Network File System (NFS)
  • configure a Samba server and the Network File System (NFS)
  • identify the tasks required to configure DHCP on Linux systems





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