Linux Security

Students wishing to acquire the intermediate skills required as a Linux system administrator

A knowledge of basic Linux system administration

Expected Duration
180 minutes

As a Linux System Administrator, the security of your systems and the information on them is of utmost importance. This course covers a myriad of security topics including NIS, LDAP and PAM, as well as firewall configuration. In addition it also covers securing FTP, OpenSSH and TCP Wrappers.
This course is for people taking Advanced Level Linux Professional (LPIC-2) Exam 202.?


User authentication

  • recognize how to configure NIS
  • recognize how to install and configure an LDAP server
  • recognize how to configure PAM authentication
  • configure LDAP and PAM authentication
  • System security

  • recognize the characteristics of IP chains and IP tables
  • identify methods for restricting access to FTP servers
  • recognize how to configure OpenSSH
  • configure TCP wrappers
  • restrict access to system resources using OpenSSH and TCP wrappers




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