Linux System Troubleshooting

Students wishing to acquire the intermediate skills required as a Linux system administrator.

A knowledge of basic Linux system administration

Expected Duration
120 minutes

As a Linux System Administrator, you will encounter times when for various reasons your system isn’t behaving as it should. This course covers troubleshooting various aspects of a Linux system from boot problems to network configuration issues as well as general system configuration and shell problems. This course is for people taking Advanced Level Linux Professional (LPIC-2) Exam 202.


Troubleshooting system startup

  • recognize how to create boot disks and root disks
  • determine, from the boot-up text, the distinction between the four stages of the boot sequence
  • recognize the characteristics of LILO and determine the cause of LILO errors
  • create a boot disk and troubleshoot boot errors

Advanced troubleshooting

  • identify the source of common local system configuration problems
  • identify factors that can affect the performance of shell programs
  • recognize how to troubleshoot common network problems
  • use appropriate tools and commands to determine the source of network problems





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