Listening Essentials: The Basics of Listening

Individuals who want to develop or improve their skills for listening effectively within the workplace

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Expected Duration
60 minutes

Do you feel the need to better understand the basic meaning of a conversation, or a presentation given at the workplace? What about the need to identify what is being said to you in a more effective manner? Although relatively straightforward in theory, the process that transforms effective listening into successful communication requires great skill, awareness, and practice.
This course will review the various types of listeners and the benefits of being able to listen effectively when communicating. The course also reviews some popular misconceptions about listening. Active listening techniques for improving your listening and maximizing your understanding are also covered. Materials designed to support blended learning activities aligned with this course are available from the Resources Page.


The Basics of Listening

  • recognize examples of types of listeners
  • recognize examples of the techniques for active listening
  • apply the techniques for active listening




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