Lockout/Tagout for Authorized Persons

Managers, supervisors, and employees


Expected Duration
69 minutes

This course provides information about control of hazardous energy and work under the protection of a Lockout/Tagout permit. The intent of the course is to provide information on lockout and tagout practices and the significance of lockout and tagout devices.


Purpose and Applicability

  • identify the purpose of OSHA Standard 29 CFR 1910.147
  • identify reasons commonly cited for failing to act in accordance with an OSHA-compliant lockout and tagout program
  • identify operations during which the OSHA standard on control of hazardous energy apply
  • identify equipment or operations to which the OSHA standard does not apply

Requirements, Devices, and Procedures

  • identify the criteria that must be met in an OSHA-compliant lockout and tagout program
  • match types of hazardous energy to their definitions
  • identify the criteria that must be met by all lockout and tagout devices
  • identify the requirements for the placement and removal of lockout and tagout devices

Training and Inspection Requirements

  • identify examples of the lockout and tagout training requirements as described by the OSHA standard
  • identify examples of lockout and tagout procedure inspection requirements





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