Mac OS X El Capitan First Look

This course is for any Mac/Apple user or IT enthusiast who is interested in learning the new Apple OS and gaining a broader understanding of what El Capitan’s new enhancements will be and how they will benefit casual and day-to-day users


Expected Duration
60 minutes

Apple will be introducing a new operating system and it’s called El Capitan. It may sound like a rock formation in Yosemite, but it’s actually an operating system that will bring many performance enhancements and improvements to the already massive OS. Don’t miss out in learning the very best that El Capitan has to offer including an upgraded Notes, a new mission control, and an improved desktop. In this course, you will be guided through the best enhancements yet to be released outside beta. Each will be introduced and explained so that you’re ready for the public release.


Mac OS X El Capitan First Look

  • start the course
  • identify the new OS and its release date, compatibilities
  • describe the new improvements to OS X and their benefits
  • describe the new font and changes to the common icon
  • identify Metal and the graphic enhancements it will provide
  • use the new features of the Notes App
  • use the new additions to the Safari browser
  • identify the new features of Spotlight and its search capabilities
  • describe how to use the new Split View feature
  • describe the new Smart Suggestions and the benefits of using the Mail enhancement
  • identify the Public Transit addition to the Apple Maps app
  • use the El Capitan Exposé behavior with Mission Control
  • identify the changes to Photos app

Practice: Mac OS X and Its Enhancements

  • work with and describe the El Capitan operating system





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