Maintaining a Cohesive Multigenerational Workforce

Managers, team leaders, business professionals, and individuals who want to develop or refine their skills for managing different workforce generations.


Expected Duration
25 minutes

To manage a multigenerational team, you need to understand the diversity of your employees and apply various strategies to divert conflict between them. If you tap into the potential of this diversity, you’ll create a more productive, collaborative, and innovative work environment. In this course, you’ll learn about the generational differences in approaches to work and communication. You’ll also learn strategies to manage your team in a way ensures your team members feel included, respected, and supported. Additionally, you’ll learn how to implement a mentoring program that takes advantage of the varying experiences and perspectives of multiple generations.


Managing Multigenerational Teams

  • match typical work ethic attributes to the various generations in the workforce
  • match attributes of communication styles to each generation in the workforce
  • match generations making up the workforce to their expectations of authority
  • match types of learning and information gathering to the generations in the workforce
  • recognize strategies related to flexibility and choice when managing a multigenerational team
  • recognize strategies related to inclusivity and cohesion when managing a multigenerational team
  • identify the steps to implement a mentoring program in a multigenerational work environment





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