Maintaining, Protecting, and Reviewing Documents in Word 2016

End users at all levels, including those who have little or no familiarity with Microsoft Word and more experienced Word users who want to learn about new features in Word 2016


Expected Duration
53 minutes

Microsoft Word 2016 makes it possible for multiple contributors to collaborate in reviewing documents, as well as providing features that help protect documents from unwanted changes. In this course, you’ll learn how to use comments, check document revisions, track document changes, and combine or compare revisions in different document versions. You’ll also learn how to protect a document from specific types of changes, manage draft versions, and alter document properties. This course is one of a series in the SkillSoft learning path that covers Microsoft Word 2016 for intermediate-level users.


Reviewing Documents

  • start the course
  • arrange documents side by side and apply synchronous scrolling in Word 2016
  • add, modify, show or hide, and remove comments in Word 2016
  • use the Reviewing pane and list different contributors in Word 2016
  • Tracking and Comparing or Combining Changes

  • enable or disable the tracking of changes and accept or reject changes in a document in Word 2016
  • set a password to restrict others from disabling tracking and use advanced tracking options in Word 2016
  • compare different versions of a document and combine revisions from multiple authors in Word 2016
  • Restricting Editing

  • allow only certain types of formatting and editing in a Word 2016 document
  • add and remove password protection for a document in Word 2016
  • protect a document by marking it as a final version in Word 2016
  • Managing Drafts and Document Properties

  • delete and recover draft versions of documents in Word 2016
  • add and edit document properties in Word 2016
  • Practice: Maintain, Review, and Protect Documents

  • use synchronous scrolling when viewing documents side by side, add a comment, display document contributors, and apply editing restrictions to all but a specific paragraph of a document in Word 2016




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