Make the Time You Need: Get Organized

Anyone at any level in a company who wants to get some practical guidance for how to manage their time


Expected Duration
28 minutes

You don’t have to manage your time, but the stress and potential for mistakes grows when you don’t. To manage time, you need to be organized. In this course, you’ll learn strategies for improving your productivity depending on what type of time management personality you have. You’ll also learn how to deal with time stealers, create manageable to-do lists, and maintain an organized time management approach.


Organizing Time

  • recognize strategies for increasing productivity for social and analytical time management personalities
  • recognize productivity strategies suitable for driving or inspirational personality types
  • recognize techniques for dealing with time stealers
  • recognize techniques you can use to deal with people who are time stealers
  • sort key job tasks into macro and micro to-do lists
  • determine what action to take with your scheduled tasks after reassessing them as part of your regular check-ins
  • organize tasks using a time management system





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