Making a Positive Impression in an Internal Interview

Individuals preparing for an interview within the organization where they are employed

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Expected Duration
67 minutes

Interviewing for a new job can be stressful. You can easily get caught up in the anxiety of wondering what the interview questions will be, what answers you should give, and how to leave a positive impression. This can get even worse when the interview is for an opportunity in your current organization, as you try to answers questions about your work from those who know your work well.
You can relax though. Throughout this course you’ll be shown how you can leverage your experience and internal knowledge to make a positive impression during your interview. Through techniques for meeting expectations and displaying your competence, you’ll learn how to make a positive impression and connect with the interviewers’ perspective. It’s important to show them you’re the right person for the challenges and responsibilities of the role, and it all starts with making a positive impression during your interview.


Interviewee Strategies for Making an Impression

  • identify what personal attributes are revealed in a given statement
  • recognize examples of effective questions to ask in an interview
  • assess an interviewee’s response for evidence of focus and interpersonal skills
  • present yourself in the best possible light during an interview





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