Management Essentials: Delegating

All individuals in a management role at any level including supervisors, team leaders, professionals, departmental heads, directors, top management, and executives

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Expected Duration
60 minutes

As a manager you are most likely juggling multiple responsibilities at once. In order to accomplish everything you have on your plate, you must identify those tasks which can be handled by others familiar with your work so you can focus on the more time-consuming and demanding responsibilities on your list. Trusting your direct reports and delegating some tasks to them is key to performing effectively as a manager and supports employee development.
This course covers the best practices for planning delegation, including deciding what specific tasks to delegate, and identifying who you should delegate tasks to. Additionally, the course provides techniques for carrying through delegation, including providing your direct report with all the information they require to carry out the task. Finally, the course covers the importance of monitoring delegated tasks, including checking in and getting feedback on the tasks you delegate. Materials designed to support blended learning activities aligned with this course are available from the Resources Page.


Delegating as a Manager

  • determine what tasks are appropriate to delegate and the right person to delegate them to in a scenario
  • recognize how to delegate tasks effectively
  • delegate effectively in a scenario




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