Managing a Project

This course is targeted toward a diverse range of managers and staff members who wish to acquire the necessary skills to successfully manage small- to medium-sized projects.

Please contact us for information about prerequisites.

Expected Duration
150 minutes

The factors of a successful project almost always end up depending on how much money and time is needed to create a product worthy of the customer. This course will help you manage the constraints of time, money, and schedules, and how they relate to the overall quality of your project and product.


Managing a Project’s Budget, Schedule, and Quality

  • recognize the importance of managing project costs, schedules, and resources
  • recognize the importance of managing project quality
  • manage project performance variances in a given scenario
  • determine how to ensure customer satisfaction in a given scenario
  • identify the process improvement technique to use in a given scenario
  • match common fact-based management mistakes with examples
  • match empowered performance principles with examples
  • recognize ways that project management software can be used to manage projects
  • match report types to examples of their use
  • Managing Project Activities, Changes, and Risks

  • recognize the importance of properly managing a project
  • manage technical performance, the customer relationship, and team conflict in given scenarios
  • recognize examples of the activities involved in the change management process
  • match the risk management processes with their descriptions




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