Managing and Controlling Stakeholder Engagement (PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition)

Existing project managers pursuing certification in recognition of their skills and experience, or others training to become accredited project managers

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Expected Duration
90 minutes

Stakeholders are critical to your project’s success. However, if you don’t engage stakeholders when it’s most appropriate, and continue effective communication throughout the project life cycle, the value and expertise you require from them could be lost. Managing and controlling stakeholder engagement is more than just responding to queries or issues; it’s about anticipating project requirements and making sure the stakeholder engagement plan continues to stay on track so that you have what you need, when you need it.
This course covers managing and controlling stakeholder engagement in the project management discipline, and introduces best practices outlined in A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) – Fifth Edition, published by the Project Management Institute (PMI®). Specifically, learners will be introduced to tools and techniques for managing stakeholder engagement such as push and pull communication methods. Learners will also learn how to control stakeholder engagement using information management systems, expert judgment, and meetings. This course provides a foundational knowledge base reflecting the most up-to-date project management information. It will enable learners to effectively put principles to work in their own organizations, and assist in preparing them for the PMI® certification exam.
This course is aligned with the PMBOK® Guide – Fifth Edition, published by PMI®, Inc., 2013. Copyright and all rights reserved. Material from this publication has been reproduced with the permission of PMI®.


Manage Stakeholder Engagement

  • identify the benefits of managing stakeholder engagement
  • recognize the purposes of the Manage Stakeholder Engagement process
  • match examples of information used to manage stakeholder engagement to corresponding inputs
  • identify the most appropriate tools or techniques for engaging the stakeholder, given a project situation
  • identify the outputs of the Manage Stakeholder Engagement process
  • recognize examples of issues that should be recorded in a project’s issue log

Control Stakeholder Engagement

  • identify the inputs to the Control Stakeholder Engagement process
  • recognize examples in which the tools and techniques of the Control Stakeholder Engagement process are being used
  • identify the outputs of the Control Stakeholder Engagement process





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