Managing and Monitoring Exchange 2000

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To describe ways to manage and monitor messaging connectivity, client connectivity, server growth, and backup and recovery

Target Audience

Students preparing for Microsoft certification in installing, configuring, and administering Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server; managers, IT consultants, analysts, network administrators, and support professionals who are responsible for implementing and supporting a messaging solution with Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server


The Introducing Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server learning path or equivalent knowledge

Expected Duration

210 min.

Course Objectives

Managing and Monitoring Exchange 2000

  • describe how to use connectivity tools in Exchange 2000 and explain how to deal with connectivity problems.
  • manage connectivity to foreign mail systems, including X.400, SMTP, and Internet messaging connectivity.
  • diagnose and resolve problems reported in nondelivery report messages.
  • use the tools for managing and monitoring client connectivity in Exchange 2000 Server.
  • manage public folder connectivity.
  • optimize public folder and mailbox searching in Exchange 2000 Server.
  • monitor server usage in Exchange 2000.
  • monitor the growth of user population and resources in Exchange 2000 Server.
  • manage recipient and server policies.
  • describe types of backups available in Exchange 2000 and how to plan and implement a backup and recovery plan.
  • diagnose and resolve backup and restore problems.
  • restore server data on an Exchange 2000 Server.
  • restore user data in Exchange 2000 Server.
  • back up and restore an Exchange 2000 server.