Managing Computers, Devices, and Updates in System Center Essentials 2010

Administrators who use Microsoft System Center Essentials 2010

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Expected Duration
150 minutes

System Center Essentials 2010 allows network administrators to manage computers and devices in midsize IT environments by allowing them to deploy updates and software packages based on specific computer needs. Essentials allows the creation of specific computer groups, and then creates and deploys updates from Microsoft Updates and other software vendors either automatically or manually using packages by automatically or manually approving them. Essentials also provides a way to inventory hardware and software on computers, view the status of updates, and which software packages have been deployed. It also provides a way to remove updates and software packages that have already been deployed to managed computers. This course demonstrates how to manage computers and devices in Essentials 2010 and viewing the inventory on the computers. It also demonstrates how to configure and manage updates and software packages, including how to deploy Microsoft Office 2010 to managed computers in a specific computer group.


Managing Computers and Devices

  • access the Computer and Device Management Wizard in Essentials
  • disable verification during computer object discovery
  • manage computers and computer groups in Essentials 2010
  • match the computer group creation option with its description
  • view inventory data in Essentials 2010
  • identify the steps to manually collect inventory data
  • use Essentials 2010 to manage computers and computer groups in a given scenario
  • identify how to gather information about managed computers

Managing Updates and Deploying Software

  • recognize the considerations involved in configuring update management in Essentials
  • configure Essentials to automatically select and approve updates
  • configure automatic approvals after a specified time
  • identify how to manage updates for deployment in Essentials
  • identify the software deployment features of Essentials 2010
  • deploy Microsoft Office 2010 using System Center Essentials 2010
  • configure update management in Essentials 2010
  • manage updates for deployment in Essentials 2010
  • use System Center Essentials 2010 to roll out software





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