Managing E-mail with Rules, Automatic Replies, and Alerts in Outlook 2010

A broad range of business users

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Expected Duration
60 minutes

Outlook 2010 contains numerous features to help manage the large volume of e-mail that many users receive on a daily basis. Options can be configured to automatically move incoming e-mail into specified folders and Desktop Alerts can be set to notify you of incoming e-mail. This course discusses managing e-mail messages with rules as well as configuring automatic replies and Desktop Alerts for incoming messages.


Rules, Automatic Replies, and Desktop Alerts

  • create rules using Outlook rule templates
  • run rules manually
  • create a rule based on the sender of an e-mail message
  • import rules into an existing rules list
  • use automatic replies
  • use Desktop Alerts
  • create rules
  • set an automatic reply
  • turn on a Desktop Alert





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