Managing Employee Development

All individuals in a management role at any level, including supervisors, team leaders, professionals, departmental heads, directors, top management, and executives.


Expected Duration
31 minutes

A key aspect of managing is developing your employees, which involves not only coordinating their work but also empowering them and providing opportunities for growth. This course details tactical strategies for developing your employees including assessing their development needs. Also covered are methods for creating a development plan with your employees based on their individual requirements, and ways to support the development plan by creating opportunities for practice and growth in skills and abilities. This course also introduces ways to continue supporting employees through follow up and monitoring, and ongoing and timely feedback.


Developing Your Employees as a Manager

  • recognize the benefits of developing employees
  • identify steps in assessing the development needs of your employees
  • recognize techniques for preparing for a development meeting
  • identify best practices for conducting a development meeting
  • recognize the characteristics of an effective development plan
  • select actions you can take to provide ongoing support to employees’ development
  • use methods to effectively develop your employees





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