Managing Group Policy in Windows 2000

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To demonstrate how to manage Group Policy in Windows 2000

Target Audience

Managers, IT consultants, analysts, network administrators, and support professionals tasked with managing Windows 2000 in a network environment; students preparing for Microsoft certification in managing a Microsoft Windows 2000 network environment


A good working knowledge of TCP/IP, Internet technologies, and internetworking; a general knowledge of computer hardware components and networking concepts

Expected Duration

195 min.

Course Objectives

Managing Group Policy in Windows 2000

  • discuss how to deploy and manage software by using Group Policy.
  • create a Group Policy object and deploy applications to users in Windows 2000.
  • manage, upgrade, and remove software using Group Policy.
  • discuss Group Policy settings and processes.
  • configure, modify, and manage Group Policy inheritance.
  • block, filter, and force group policies.
  • discuss how to manage network and security policies and to outline how to configure security policies through Group Policy.
  • evaluate security by using Group Policy.
  • analyze security configuration in Group Policy.
  • manage security policies in Windows 2000.