Managing IP Addresses and Introducing SDN

This path is intended for anyone who is interested in developing the skills needed to successfully design networks that will support voice, video, and data communications.


Expected Duration
90 minutes

Managing IP addressing is a challenge due to the number of addresses that you will be dealing with. By following practices that have been tested in the industry for years, you will be able to design a sound management solution for any network. Software Defined Networking (SDN) is making the future of networking very exciting. Designing current networks with the ability to support SDN down the road will pay dividends in the long term. This course focuses on best practices for IPv4 and IPv6 addresses management and assignment. It also covers best practices related to DNS and DHCP deployment. Software Defined Networking is also introduced in this course.


Supporting IP Addressing

  • start the course
  • describe IP address management
  • describe IPv4 address assignment recommended practices
  • describe IPv6 address assignment recommended practices
  • describe DNS recommended practices
  • compare DHCP and DNS servers in a network
  • SDN Overview

  • define SDN
  • describe the need for SDN
  • describe the path to network programmability
  • implement the path to network programmability
  • describe SDN flavors
  • describe SDN framework
  • describe SDN controllers
  • compare southbound and northbound APIs
  • describe OpenFlow
  • describe OpenDaylight
  • describe Cisco ACI
  • Practice: DHCP and DNS Servers

  • describe DHCP and DNS servers




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