Managing IP Traffic on Cisco Networks

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To describe and configure efficient network traffic restrictions and security using properly implemented access list management and address translation

Target Audience

Network administrators responsible for implementing and managing small and medium-sized business networks; network technicians who install network devices in small business environments; Cisco channel resellers who are new to Cisco products and services


Familiarity with Cisco’s Internetworking Technology Multimedia (ITM) or CCNA Basics; a working knowledge of networking terminology and topologies, including network protocols, the roles of network devices, and the OSI reference model; a knowledge of binary and hexadecimal numbering, while not essential, would be an advantage

Expected Duration

230 min.

Course Objectives

Managing IP Traffic on Cisco Networks

  • explain the requirement for access lists.
  • describe access list operation and configuration.
  • describe how access lists filter by protocols and packet details.
  • explain how wildcards are used in access list configuration.
  • explain the rules governing access list configuration.
  • demonstrate how to control network access using access control lists.
  • implement and manage standard access lists using IOS commands.
  • describe extended access lists, and explain how to configure them and determine their effectiveness.
  • implement and manage standard access control lists (ACL) using IOS commands.
  • explain the ideal implementation of access lists.
  • describe the features and operation of Network Address Translation (NAT) and Port Address Translation (PAT).
  • describe the commands used to configure address translation and overloading.
  • verify and troubleshoot NAT and PAT configurations.