Managing Motivation during Organizational Change

Managers and team leaders wanting to develop or refine their skills in managing employee performance during difficult times and in delivering difficult messages to their subordinates, colleagues, or superiors.

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Expected Duration
22 minutes

A key challenge for managers is keeping employees motivated and productive during times of change. To survive and grow in volatile markets, organizations have to embrace change; they have to innovate and adapt. However, because change involves uncertainty, it’s stressful, and it can evoke fear and resistance among employees – just at a time when an organization needs everyone to pull together and give their best efforts. In this course, you’ll learn how to recognize and manage employee stress, as well as your own stress, during periods of change. You’ll also learn about common reactions to change, and ways to motivate and support employees.


Keeping Employees Motivated During Change

  • recognize common signs of stress in employees
  • identify examples of time management techniques that managers can use to manage their own stress
  • recognize strategies for reducing employee stress during times of organizational change
  • recognize ways to focus on employee motivation and be an example during times of change
  • recognize ways to communicate with employees and foster a good organizational culture during times of change
  • support employees during difficult times by acknowledging their experiences
  • support employees during difficult times by allowing them to react




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