Managing Pressure and Stress to Optimize Your Performance

Individuals who want to develop or refine their skills for performing under pressure


Expected Duration
26 minutes

Meeting the challenge of high-pressure situations is a different experience for everyone. You won’t always be able to control the external events that lead to pressure, but you can control your reaction, develop a solution, and implement it. In this course, you’ll learn about the triggers of stress and how stress can affect you physically, mentally, and emotionally. You’ll explore mechanisms for handling pressure and stress in the workplace in order to optimize performance. You’ll also learn the ways in which people who possess different work-style types deal with pressure, and finally, you’ll learn how to deal with stressed colleagues.


Managing Pressure and Stress

  • identify the triggers of pressure in the workplace
  • categorize the symptoms of stress
  • match activities to the steps for managing reactions to stress
  • sequence the steps for changing your perception of a situation in order to reduce stress
  • recognize the steps for taking action in high-pressure situations
  • recognize actions for avoiding overanalysis and overconfidence
  • match work-style types to the reactions they exhibit when under pressure
  • recognize guidelines for dealing with stress in colleagues





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