Managing Resource Assignments with Project 2010

Individuals involved in managing projects who have basic computer literacy

Please contact us for information about prerequisites.

Expected Duration
60 minutes

Good project management requires the ability to organize resources based on their availability, cost and consumption rates, and how many are required to complete each task. This course lays a foundation for understanding effort-driven scheduling and how Project 2010 uses resource assignment information to perform scheduling calculations. It also covers how to assign various types of resources to tasks in your project, and how to modify cost rate tables for your resources in order to accurately capture and report project costs.


Assigning Resources

  • recognize how assigning additional resources to a task affects scheduling
  • identify the scheduling formula
  • recognize how task types affect a project when resource assignments are updated
  • use the task entry table for resource assignments
  • use the Assign Resources dialog box for resource assignments
  • recognize the procedure for assigning a material resource to a task
  • change the cost rate table used for a resource assignment
  • perform resource assignments given a scenario





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