Managing SharePoint 2010 Pages and Components

Users with proficiency in SharePoint and basic computing skills

Please contact us for information about prerequisites.

Expected Duration
60 minutes

To enhance your SharePoint implementation beyond the default home page, you can use the available publishing pages and web part pages. SharePoint 2010 also offers a new page type, referred to simply as a page. Organizations store and organize documents on SharePoint in a number of ways, and the management of this document storage is a common power user task. Workflows enable you to streamline the execution of existing business processes using SharePoint, and Web Parts provide additional functionality in how to display SharePoint information. This course examines the creation and customization of publishing pages, web part pages, and pages. In addition, this course explores the challenges of document management, and the role that SharePoint plays in this process. It also covers managing documents using document IDs, ratings, notes, tagging, document sets, and document retention, and provides document management tips. Managing and customizing workflows and accessing site usage reports are also covered.


SharePoint Page, Document, and Task Management

  • add a web part to a page
  • modify the properties of a Publishing page
  • create a Content Organizer rule
  • enable document sets for a document library
  • create a Three-state workflow for a SharePoint list
  • access site usage reports in SharePoint 2010
  • customize SharePoint 2010 pages and components





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