Managing SharePoint 2010 Sites, Lists, and Libraries

Users with proficiency in SharePoint and basic computing skills

Please contact us for information about prerequisites.

Expected Duration
60 minutes

Microsoft SharePoint 2010 offers a complete platform for collaboration, data management, and online information publishing. SharePoint sites provide the basis for these tasks, and are broken down further into objects like lists and libraries. Creating, managing, and customizing these sites, lists, and libraries are common tasks and responsibilities for SharePoint power users. This course examines the various types of SharePoint sites, as well as creating sites and subsites, changing site details, and using the recycle bin. In addition, this course explores the various types of SharePoint lists, and covers creating custom lists, customizing existing lists, and managing list properties. SharePoint library types, creating document libraries, and managing and customizing library settings are also covered.


Managing SharePoint Sites, Lists, and Libraries

  • create a SharePoint subsite
  • configure the look and feel of a SharePoint subsite
  • use the SharePoint recycle bin
  • create a custom SharePoint list
  • add a column to a SharePoint list
  • create a document library in SharePoint 2010
  • configure versioning settings for a SharePoint library
  • customize sites, lists, and libraries in SharePoint 2010





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