Managing Software Project Outsourcing: Dealing with Risks

Individuals who manage outsourced software projects

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Expected Duration
60 minutes

Every outsourcing initiative has its risks. These can include the discovery of a strategic mismatch with the vendor, security breaches or loss of intellectual property, and the failure of the outsourced team to implement the project on time or within scope and budget. Risk arises throughout a project – from strategic assessment, through planning, implementation, and close. Being aware of the risks and planning your responses can help you manage a successful outsourced project. This course explains how to assess risks by first identifying them and then determining how likely they are to occur and how significant an impact they would have. It describes the key issues to address in a risk control plan, including the risk responses to be applied and the people responsible for taking action. And it presents best practices for reducing risks in an outsourcing relationship.


Managing Risks in Outsourced Software Projects

  • take appropriate steps to assess risks in an outsourced software project in a given scenario
  • determine the type of planning required for a given risk example
  • recognize examples of what to include in a risk control plan
  • recognize best practices for reducing risk in an outsourced software project





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