Managing Software Project Outsourcing: Developing a Vendor Contract

Individuals who manage outsourced software projects

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Expected Duration
60 minutes

To successfully outsource a software project, you need to pick a vendor who knows what to do, how to do it, how well to do it, and how quickly to do it. Vendor selection can be a complex process that involves defining detailed requirements, developing a business model and delivery model, creating a request for proposal, assessing and selecting vendors, and negotiating and finalizing a contract. This course describes key actions that can help you develop an effective vendor contract. It explains how to create a comprehensive request for proposal – one that’s designed to get you the information you need about potential suppliers for your outsourced project. It also describes how to assess vendors, as well as how to negotiate the details of a contract and compose a clear and complete contract with your chosen vendor.


Creating a Vendor Contract

  • describe how to develop an RFP for an outsourced software project
  • conduct a vendor assessment for an outsourced software project in a given scenario
  • recognize examples of how to negotiate details of an outsourcing contract
  • determine whether a contract for an outsourced software project has been created appropriately in a given scenario





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