Managing Software Project Outsourcing: Preparing to Manage an Outsourced Project

Individuals who manage outsourced software projects

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Expected Duration
60 minutes

Outsourcing is a powerful business strategy that can bring many benefits. These include lower costs, an ability to focus on core business competencies, improved quality, and superior skills and capabilities. IT outsourcing has gained in popularity over the years, and it seems likely to continue doing so. This course focuses on a particular type of IT outsourcing – namely, software project outsourcing. It describes the areas in software development that are typically outsourced, and explains some of the models for outsourcing, including cloud computing. With the aim of helping to prepare the learner for managing an outsourced project, the course outlines the managerial implications of working on this type of project – for example, the need to shift from managing activities to managing outcomes and building cooperation and collaboration across the miles. It also describes how to define your needs and requirements through a statement of work and how to plan effective governance so that your project’s objectives are met successfully.


Preparing to Manage an Outsourced Software Project

  • recognize examples of software development areas that may be outsourced
  • match the models of outsourcing with their descriptions
  • describe the managerial implications of outsourcing a software project
  • assess the effectiveness of the preparation of a statement of work for a given scenario
  • identify the main parts of a request for proposal
  • identify the value of being able to plan an effective governance model for an outsourced project




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